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Maintaining a healthy Thyroid gland is obviously essential to a healthy body. Imbalanced Thyroids can cause weight gain, fatiqgue, and a lot of other symptoms. Thyroid glands need healthy levels of nutrients to stay balanced, which is where our Thyroid Support blend comes in. Specially formulated by our doctors and biochemists, this formula is an amazing way to support your Thyroid Health.

The thyroid is a small gland that sits on the front of the neck. Your thyroid gland is located just under Adam’s apple, on the front of your wind pipe. This little gland has two adjacent lobes, connected by a conduit (isthmus) in the center. When the thyroid is its regular size, you can’t even feel that it is there.

This little gland secretes several essential hormones into our body, communally called thyroid hormones. The chief hormone is thyroxine, also known to doctors as “T4”. Thyroid hormones have far reaching affects throughout the entire body, guiding our metabolism, cell growth and development, and also our core body temp.

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